Risk Management Products

My Risk Management Plan

This online tool available at www.myriskmanagementplan.ca  allows you to create an overall risk management plan document.  Even if your organization has risk management policies in place, this tool allows you to consolidate, fill gaps and ultimately create a risk management plan to present to your board and stakeholders.

My Risk Management Policies - Sample Policies and Templates 

This online tool available at www.myriskmanagementpolicies.caoffers over 150 very specific policy wordings with various options to choose from or use in combination with other topics. There is also a handy option to create your customized policy and add in your logo.  Types of policies & templates available include : 

  • Board job descriptions
  • Conflict of interest
  • Investment Policy
  • Timesheets
  • and many more

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Risk Management Products

One fee for lifetime license is based on gross annual revenues from all sources.

Plan only Policies only Plan + Policies
Imagine Canada Members or Standards Program Participants $140 $182 $238
Charities and Nonprofits (Non-members) Under $500,000 $140 $182 $238
$500,000 - $5 million $180 $234 $306
Over $5 million $280 $364 $476
Foundations, Government, Individuals & Consultants $280 $364 $476

Is this Canadian-specific content?

These tools were created by the Nonprofit Risk Management Center in the U.S. However, most of the policies are fully applicable to Canadian situations and others can be easily adapted for Canada.


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