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The Sector Monitor survey program was launched at the end of 2009 to regularly monitor the state of charities across the country and their ability to deliver their missions.

The goal of the Sector Monitor program is to provide relevant and timely information on the issues facing charities and nonprofits to the sector itself and to various sector stakeholders, including Imagine Canada members, policymakers, business leaders, the media and the Canadian public.

Sector Monitor vol. 4 no. 1Imagine Canada releases the eighth Sector Monitor report.

Responses to this edition of the Sector Monitor indicate that charity leaders are optimistic about the future.

Slightly fewer charities reported that they experienced difficulties and the percentage of organizations that predicted they’d be better able to deliver on their mission in one year increased. However, sector stakeholders should be on the lookout for emergent challenges and adaptive strategies related to increased demand.

The eighth and most recent edition of our Sector Monitor was conducted between October 31, 2013 and November29, 2013.

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The Sector Monitor is made possible through funding received from The Vancouver Foundation.



Future Issues of the Sector Monitor 

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