2014 Alberta Nonprofit Survey

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2014 Alberta Nonprofit Survey


CCVO’s Alberta Nonprofit Survey takes an annual snapshot of the health and experience of Alberta’s nonprofits and charities and captures information on finances, demand for services, staffing, and the future economic outlook of organizations. These surveys help illustrate the changes and trends occurring across Alberta’s nonprofit sector, and results are used by the nonprofit sector, government, funders and researchers for education, advocacy and to inform decisions. This survey has a provincial reach and spans various subsectors. A profile of respondents is included on page 18. The 2014 survey is the seventh in this series.

Each year CCVO tries to explore timely and topical issues affecting the sector. In 2014 we examined the implementation of Alberta’s Social Policy Framework, the continued effects of the elimination of two provincial programs, the impact of the June 2013 floods and emergency preparedness in the sector.

The report is based on the analysis of 652 responses collected from nonprofit organizations across Alberta between January 30th and February 21st 2014. The sample for the survey is not representative; however, our sample has remained relatively constant year to year.

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