Imagine Canada’s Sector Monitor vol.1 no.2

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  • Lasby, David
  • Barr, Cathy
  • Imagine Canada



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This issue of the Sector Monitor report compares conditions from the first half of 2010 to the baseline established by the first survey. The primary focus is on exploring the effects of the economic downturn that have continued to unfold since 2009. The report summarizes the responses of 1,523 leaders of registered charities who participated in our survey.

“A key question currently facing our sector is whether the worst effects of the downturn have passed or if worse is yet to come,” shares Marcel Lauzière, Imagine Canada President and CEO in the Sector Monitor’s foreword. “Overall, this Sector Monitor indicates that we continue to face considerable challenges. Although a few of the most acute challenges related to the economy have slackened for many organizations, many other challenges remain or have increased. Although the broader economy is showing signs of slow recovery, this does not appear to be the case for the sector as a whole and we collectively need to watch this closely in coming months and even years.”


Imagine Canada

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v.1, no.2


Sector Monitor / Enquête sectorielle

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