• Real Property

    Description: Land, and buildings or other structures permanently attached to land.Examples: A family home, a cottage, or a vacant piece of land.The value of real property for tax receipt purposes is its fair market value. You should almost always get an appraisal or valuation from a professional...

  • Fiscal period

    A fiscal period is the 12 months (or, for incorporated charities, a period of up to 53 weeks) covered by the charity's financial statements. Many registered charities have a fiscal period that is the same as the calendar year (that is, their fiscal period is from January 1 to December 31); others...

  • Connected activity

    An activity that relates to and supports a charity's purpose and is a reasonable way to achieve it.

  • Qualified donee

    Qualified donees are generally organizations that can issue official tax receipts for gifts.

  • Capital Property

    Description: Capital property includes depreciable property, and any property that, if sold, would result in a capital gain or a capital loss. Capital property does not include the trading assets of a business, such as inventory. Examples: The following properties are generally capital...

  • Gift

    Generally, a gift is a voluntary transfer of property to a charity that is intended to enrich the charity.A service (that is, providing time, skill or effort) is not property and, therefore, is not a gift.

  • Constitution

    A legal document that sets out the fundamental principles and structure of an organization that is not a corporation.

  • Qualifying security

    A qualifying security is a security that is traded on a recognized stock exchange. The donation of a qualifying security is eligible for a tax receipt.

  • Listed personal property

    Description: Certain kinds of property that are intended for personal use or enjoyment and that typically increase in value over time. Examples: Jewellery, stamp and coin collections, and artwork. It is often difficult to establish a fair market value for listed personal property since many items...

  • Governing documents

    These are the documents that formally establish an organization and govern its operations. Some examples of governing documents are : letters patent certificate of incorporation memorandum or articles of association constitution trust documents bylaws written copies of minutes of directors...


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