Standard D12: Succession planning


Level 1 - Not applicable. ; Level 2 & 3 - Critical positions in the organization are identified and succession plans are established to address any potential gaps.

  • Succession planning : retaining skills and knowledge in your workforce

    Contents :  Introduction Planning for Employee Succession Benefits of succession planning Succession planning process Monitoring your plan Retaining Knowledge Basic strategies for transferring knowledge Additional strategies Success with succession planning

  • Encadrement professionnel, mentorat et planification de la relève

    Disponible aussi en anglais sous le titre: Coaching, mentoring and succession planning "Ces derniers ont été effectués en partenariat avec l'Association des musées de l'Ontario, la Guilde canadienne des réalisateurs — Ontario et la Professional Association of Canadian Theatres."

  • Coaching, mentoring and succession planning

    Also available in French under the title : Encadrement professionnel, mentorat et planification de la relève "Carried out in partnership with the Ontario Museum Association, Directors Guild of Canada – Ontario, and Professional Association of Canadian Theatres"

  • Building a talent pipeline

    "This stream, or talent pipeline, not only can help nonprofit leaders fill critical positions quickly, but also can help them cultivate people who will be able to step into leadership roles—even at the senior management level— successfully down the road."