The Standards Program awards accreditation to charities and nonprofits that demonstrate excellence in five areas of operations. To date, over 200 organizations have invested in trust!

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Become an accredited organization by following these four steps:

  1. Join the Standards Community.
    Get access to the online application, tools, resources and your community of peers. Pay a low monthly partipation fee until your application is submitted to peer review.
  2. Prepare for accreditation.
    Identify and work on the areas your organization needs to fine-tune through our Gap Analysis tool. Access volunteer coaches from accredited organizations for guidance and advice as you prepare your application.
  3. Submit you application.
    Your application is screened by Program staff to ensure it is complete.
  4. Peer review.
    Your application goes to a team of volunteer peer reviewers who rigourously review each submission. Your application fee is due at this point.
  5. Accreditation.
    Once your organization is successfully accredited it is awarded use of the Trustmark. An annual licence fee is paid at this time.

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