Narrative Tool Kit

Narrative Tool Kit: Tools to start a New Conversation about charities and nonprofits

The Narrative is a resource to help charity and nonprofit leaders start a new conversation about our sector in Canada. It outlines who we are, what we do and how we are making a difference. 

Feel free to share and use any of this information if it is helpful in your own work.

Core Resource

The Core Resource is a tool that looks at the size and impact of the sector and helps rethink the use of ‘overhead’ as a measure of success.

The Narrative : Core resource

        Download the core resource

Issue Sheets

 The Issue Sheets are tools to give you talking points and facts about hot issues such as: compensation, fundraising costs, and other points to advocate our impact.

These quick-to-read information sheets provide context, key messages and supporting facts of the issues at hand.


Advocacy Compensation



Fundraising and Administrative Expenses Scope of the Sector

Fundraising and Administrative

Scope of the Sector


 Impact Evaluation  

Impact Evaluation

We are Canada’s charities and nonprofits: Videos

These videos show a glimpse of some of our organizations in action and serve as an invitation to lean more about Canada's charities and nonprofits. Videos are available in 30 and 60 second versions.

30 second

60 second

Thank you to Imagine Canada's members who have given us permission to use their photos in our work. To see the full photo collection and additional information visit our Flickr collection.

Imagine Canada (the umbrella organization for Canada’s charities and nonprofits) worked in partnership with other organizations to create the Narrative.

Related Reading

The following articles and blog posts have been identified to provide additional information and/or highlight discussions complementary to the Narrative.


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