20 questions directors of not-for-profit organizations should ask about risk

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  • Lindsay, Hugh
  • Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA)



  • Risk management
  • Organizational management
  • Nonprofit organizations
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20 questions directors of not-for-profit organizations should ask about risk

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Twenty questions directors of nonprofit organizations should ask about risk


Also available in French under the title "20 Questions que les administrateurs d'organismes sans but lucratif devraient poser sur les risques"

Contents : 

  1. What does 'risk' mean in this organization?
  2. What are the organization's ethical values?
  3. What are the major risks and uncertainties facing the organization?
  4. How does the board get the knowledge and experience it needs to oversee risk management? 
  5. How does risk get on the board’s agenda?  
  6. How does the board organize itself to oversee risk management?  
  7. How does the board decide how much risk the organization can take on? 
  8. Who is responsible for managing risks?  
  9. How does the organization identify the risks that it faces?  
  10. How does the organization assess the risks that it faces? 
  11. What strategies does the organization use to manage risk?  
  12. What records does the organization keep on its risks?  
  13. What is the organization’s financial capacity to take on risk?  
  14. How are the board’s expectations for risk management coordinated across the organization and communicated to staff and volunteers?
  15. What plans does the organization have for responding to crises?
  16. How does the organization’s performance compare with its plan and budgets?  
  17. What is the status of the risks facing the organization?  
  18. How can the board be sure that the information it gets on risk from management is accurate and reliable?  
  19. What has the organization learned from its experiences with risk?  
  20. What does the board do to assess its effectiveness in overseeing risk?


Chartered Accountants of Canada


20 Questions Series

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