Creating gift acceptance policies

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This brief guide provides an outline of the key elements that should be considered in creating a gift acceptance policy.  This guide is written for American organizations and references to the IRS statements are not relevant to Canadian charities and nonrpoftis. However, the CRA will have similar rules and regulations for charities in Canada and it is advised to use their guidance along side this tool.

The introduction reads:  "A gift acceptance policy is a written compilation of guidelines and suggestions for everyone involved in the gift process from the front-line fundraisers to the Board of Directors. The policy should describe the standards necessary to evaluate various kinds of gifts for acceptance and should allow for some flexibility in handling each case.  The primary benefit of gift acceptance policies is to maintain discipline in gift acceptance and administration. The gift acceptance policy defines (i) the types of assets that are acceptable gifts (ii) the forms of gifts that are acceptable and (iii) your organization’s role in gift administration. Discipline prevents the acceptance of gifts that will cost your organization time, money and possibly its reputation"


Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership

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