Facilitated discussions : a volunteer management workbook

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  • Weaver, Liz
  • Canada Volunteerism Initiative



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Discussions dirigées : manuel à l'intention des gestionnaires de ressouces bénévoles


Voluntary organizations often identify the need to consult stakeholders in the development, design, delivery or review of service and programs. The consultation process may happen prior to the initiation of a new service or as a check in or review of an existing service or program. This workbook has been developed as a tool to assist organizations in collecting stakeholder information and comments in a practical way ensuring a high degree of participant involvement. By following the steps in this workbook, voluntary organization staff and/or volunteers will be able to systematically capture stakeholder comments, data and develop strategies for integrating this information into program design and delivery.Note on website, April 2010 : "Currently our resource page is under construction for access to or information regarding any materials that you are interested in please email info@volunteer.ca"http://www.volunteer.ca/volunteer/pdf/FacDisManEng.pdf


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