Protecting personal information : a workbook for non-profit organizations

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  • Government of Alberta



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Alberta specific, but still helpful in for nonprofits across Canada, this workbook will guide you through the process of documenting the personal information your organization collects and the purposes for collecting it. The workbook will assist you in adding appropriate notice and consent statements to your organization’s forms. You will also find information on an individual’s right to access his or her personal information from organizations that are subject to PIPA and information on other useful resources.

The majority of non‐profit organizations in Alberta are not required to comply with PIPA. It is important to know whether your organization is subject to the Act. If your organization is subject to the Act, then it must comply with PIPA when collecting, using, disclosing, and safeguarding personal information. It must also respond to requests from individuals to access records containing personal information about them, and do this within the time frames set out in the Act.


Government of Alberta

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