Transition guide for Federal not-for-profit corporations

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Transition guide for Federal not-for-profit corporations


Table of contents : 

  • Introduction
  • The Transition Process
  • Step One - Review Your Letters Patent and By-laws
  • Step Two - Prepare Articles
  • Step Three - Create By-laws
  • Step Four - Get Members' Approval
  • Step Five - Submit the Required Documents
  • Annex A - Provisions in Letters Patent and By-laws Superseded by NFP Act
  • Annex B - Instructions for Completing Form 4031 – Articles of Continuance (transition)
  • Annex C - Mandatory and Default Rules
  • Model Special Resolution

"The new Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP Act) establishes a new set of rules for federally incorporated not-for-profit corporations in Canada. These new rules will replace part ii of the Canada Corporations Act (old act), the law that has governed federal corporations for nearly a century. The rules under the nfp act are modern, flexible and more suited to the needs of the not-for-profit sector."

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