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  • Arm's length

    The term "at arm's length" describes a relationship where persons act independently of each other or who are not related. The term "not at arm's length" means persons acting in concert without separate interests or who are related.

    Related persons are individuals who are related to each other by blood, marriage or common law partnership, or adoption. Examples of blood relatives include grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, and children. Examples of persons related by spousal relationship include the grandparents of a spouse, the parents of a spouse, the brothers and sisters of a spouse, the spouse of a child, and the spouse of a grandchild. Generally, in determining arm's length relationships, common law partners are treated in the same way as legally married spouses. Adopted children are treated in the same way as blood-related children.

    Related persons also include individuals or groups and the corporations in which they have a controlling interest. Persons related to these individuals or groups are also considered related to those corporations.

    For more information on arm's length, see Interpretation Bulletin IT-419, Meaning of Arm's Length.

    (CRA : Charities Glossary)

  • Stephen Faul

    Vice-President, Strategic Communications & Business Development, Imagine Canada

    Stephen FaulPrior to Imagine Canada, Stephen served as the Executive Director of Second Harvest, an organization which collects fresh, perishable food and distributes it to more than 200 social services agencies throughout Toronto. He also worked in management capacities with Operation Eyesight; Scarborough Community Care Access Centre; Schizophrenia Society of Canada, and a number of other nonprofit organizations.

    Stephen holds a certificate in marketing for nonprofit organizations from Carlton University and a diploma from Centennial College in radio and television journalism.