John M. Hodgson Q.C. (1921-2011)

John M. Hodgson Q.C. was an expert in Canadian estate and trust law, was a tireless advocate of the vital social role played by Canada's volunteer and charitable sectors. He made exceptional contributions to the charitable sector in Canada through leadership in charitable law to co-founding the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy (one of Imagine Canada’s predecessor organizations). A champion of knowledge and educational services to charities and nonprofits, he co-founded The Philanthropist journal. In particular, at Imagine Canada, John was a visionary and supported the development and sustainability of the Nonprofit Library and our National Engagement Strategy through the Agora Foundation. Imagine Canada proudly designated John M. Hodgson, Q.C. as the first Patron of Imagine Canada in December 2010, recognizing his outstanding service to Canada’s charities, his role as co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy and his generous support to Imagine Canada


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