Standard A21 Explained

Why is it important to record board meetings and retain policies? Preparing and retaining proper minutes from board meetings is an essential part of a transparent and accountable governance process and serves to preserve a record of agenda items discussed, documentation reviewed, votes taken, and decisions made.1 Minutes from board meetings record organizational history and can play an important role in risk management by demonstrating that directors have exercised a reasonable standard of care in decisions made regarding the organization. Board minutes can also be a useful tool for orientation and training of new board members, employees, or volunteers. Similarly, policies guide practice within nonprofit and charitable organizations and must therefore be recorded and retained. All board members, staff, and volunteers of an organization should be familiar with the organization’s policies.

From "Accreditation Preparation Workbook Section A: Board Governance,"  Katharine Zywert, Social Prosperity Wood Buffalo at the University of Waterloo, 2013.

  1. “‘Governance’ in Key Risks & What To Do About Them,” Imagine Canada, 2009.


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