Standard E4 Explained

Why is it important for organizations to involve a diverse volunteer base? Community organizations serve diverse communities. A 2012 Statistics Canada study, Giving and Volunteering Among Canada’s Immigrants, reports that almost 1 in 5 Canadians is an immigrant.1 For many new Canadians, volunteering is a primary venue for integrating socially and economically into their communities.1

Volunteer Canada’s Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement states that a “healthy organization” will seek to involve volunteers who reflect the diversity of the community.2 Cultivating a diverse volunteer base will improve your organization’s ability to effectively serve its community by increasing access to the skills and knowledge needed to design programs, develop policies, and make connections in your community.3


From "Accreditation Preparation Workbook Section E: Volunteer Involvement,"  Katharine Zywert, Social Prosperity Wood Buffalo at the University of Waterloo, 2013.

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