Managing an Organization

These topic guides offer a range of resources from policy samples to guidance on best practices related to charity and nonprofit organizational management. 

Find resources dealing specifically with the roles, responsibilities, risk and management of your Board of Directors.

Find information on budgeting, accounting, reporting to the CRA, and dealing with risk & liability.

Find insight into grantseeking, prospecting, corporate funders, ethics & regulatory requirements.

Find policies and resources on hiring, training, benefits, and complying with current HR legislation.

Find resources on key issues and ethics related to recruitment, risk management and screening.

Get the key facts about starting a charity or nonprofit in Canada, including alternative ways to support your favorite causes.

Charity Tax Tools was developed by Imagine Canada to help registered charities understand what they must do in order to meet Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requirements.

The Standards Program (from Imagine Canada) offers an accreditation process for Canadian charities and nonprofits to further demonstrate their excellence.

Learn more about the formal accreditation process from Imagine Canada's website.

Work through the standards on your own using the Standards Reference Guide.

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