Developing your customer complaint policy

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From the Equal Opportunity Commission of the Government of South Australia, this is a short and concise guideline to what should be included in a complaints policy. 

"Here are some tips for developing a customer complaint policy.

  • Make it easy for all customers to complain.
  • Decide which staff have the authority to resolve a complaint, and make sure they know what to do. The more a complaint is escalated to someone higher in the business, the more dissatisfied the customer may become.
  • Set a time frame to respond to a complaint. Taking too long makes the problem worse.
  • Give one person responsibility for managing the complaint from beginning to end, so the customer does not have to repeat their complaint to different staff.
  • Involve your staff in creating your policy.
  • Ensure staff know your policy and how to treat complaints fairly. Poor complaint handling, for example blaming the customer for the problem, or marginalising them by saying no one else has complained, will only worsen the problem.
  • Review your policy regularly, and make changes as necessary..." see more.



Government of South Australia


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